About Us

Located in the north of Extremadura, in an extraordinary enclave of nature, LA ALMAZARA TRADICIONAL is a family business, created 04/2014, located in the village of Gata (CACERES) in the Sierra de Gata, in a rural setting. Created from the illusion of four partners, to provide benefit to the area and give life to the olive grove and its inhabitants.

With just one year of life, LA ALMAZARA TRADICIONAL, using the resources of the area, creates its Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Manzanilla cacereña: winner oil of several international and regional awards, due to the high quality of olives in the area. We have the maximum respect for the environment and we bet at all times for the exceptional quality of the product, using the most craftsmen methods possible to obtain pure olive juice.

The company

Land of 3500 square meters, hopper receiving 15000 kg, compact system of cleaning and washing 25000 Kg/h, electronic scale: continuous weighing 150 kg/weighing, hopper lung 35000Kg, mill 3000 kg/h, continuous line of 40000 Kg/day branded for HAUS, semiautomatic packing 4 taps glass and pet and 2 taps for bottles of 5l, semimanual labeler and cellar for about 90000 l, hoppers of alperujo of 40000 kg and hopper of olive pit of 15000 kg for the biomass boiler. 200 palots of plastic with grid for better preservation of the olives.

Our oils

We manufacture olive oil with local varieties with olives harvested at their peak of ripeness and using mechanical processes of cold-pressed maximum 24 hours of collection to preserve all its qualities and obtain a product of extraordinary quality .

A rich fruity and balanced oil oleic acid and polyphenols.

  • MANZANILLA CACEREÑA: An Olive oil from mountain range with intense aromas of green banana, green apple, lime, very fresh in mouth, sweet and very balanced in bitterness and itching. Monovarietal. Winner of the first award for the best EVOO native variety in the regional contest of San Anton 2015/16.
  • PICUAL EXTREMEÑO: With intense aromas of freshly cut grass, tomato, artichoke, intense in mouth but pleasant and fresh, with a typical bitterness and itching of picual olive. Monovarietal. Winner of second place in the regional contest San Anton 2015/16.
  • OUR COUPAGE: Joining the best of our oils we produce this jewel of olive oil extra virgin with aromas with hints of banana, grass, tomato, apple, obtaining an oil soft on the palate, but intense in flavor, palatable fresh, linking the sweet of manzanilla cacereña and bitter of picual extremeño. An oil that has everything for everyone, so it is unique in its kind.


Our olive trees

They are mostly located in the Sierra de Gata, in the villages of GATA, VILLASBUENAS DE GATA, TORRECILLA DE LOS ANGELES, VILLANUEVA DE LA SIERRA, TORRE DE DON MIGUEL, ROBLEDILLO DE GATA, MOHEDA DE GATA, ACEBO, HOYOS, HERNAN PEREZ and SANTIBAÑEZ EL ALTO, all located in what is known as the Designation of Origin GATA-HURDES. Mountain range olive trees, traditional culture, treated with care and the utmost respect for the environment.

Its gathering is done by mechanical rods and traditional vareo, using networks for collection and thus produce the least possible damage to the olive to retain its optimum point for the best olive oil extra virgin in the shortest possible time from his collection to milling. The best olive oil from the best of EXTREMADURA.

Our location